Ceiling Insulation

With so many people occupying commercial buildings, they are often busy and therefore can be very noisy. In order to block out undesirable sounds from other areas, it’s important that your commercial building has sufficient sound barriers. This can be achieved through the installation of ceiling insulation. Exclusive ceiling insulation from Yvon Insulation will provide excellent sound absorption between floors in your commercial structure. We offer two choices of ceiling insulation:

Blown-in Fiberglass
Produced from fine fibers of glass, our blown-in fiberglass ceiling insulation has a number of beneficial properties including a very high level of fire resistance, mold, moisture and mildew resistance, and high R-values (the industry system by which the effectiveness of insulating materials is labelled).

Blown-in Cellulose
Yvon Insulation’s blown-in cellulose insulation is comprised of recycled materials such as newspapers, fiber products, and other environmentally green products. Like it’s fiberglass counterpart, blown-in cellulose insulation is also designed to be fire retardant.

Both blown-in fiberglass and blown-in cellulose insulation products have mold-resistant properties; they’re commonly blown into attics using a horizontal application method, where they prevent the build up of moisture, mold and mildew in the areas they’re applied to (even the most awkward spaces and smallest recesses). Both types of insulation have similar insulating values, and each product will react and respond to the weather elements in its own way, based on its unique product features. In addition to providing your commercial structure with soundproofing abilities, our ceiling insulation is paired with spray foam which provides better air temperature control by covering any small spaces or openings where air leakage occurs.

A poor installation job is as good as no insulation, so choose a trusted company like Yvon Insulation; call us today to find out more about our ceiling insulation services!

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