Blown-in Insulation

During summer months, heat trapped in a home’s attic can reduce its ability to keep cool, forcing occupants to further tax their home’s cooling system. Yvon Insulation proudly offers blown-in insulation services, one of the most effective methods of providing increased thermal performance in areas of the home such as (but not limited to) attics. Blown-in insulation should be given top priority in order to ensure:

  • Prevention of heat loss
  • Reduced energy costs (up to 30% annually)
  • Prevention of the effects of weather from entering your home
  • Proper ventilation to diminish dirt, allergens, and pollutants

At Yvon Insulation, we offer two types of blown-in insulation products; Fiberglass and Cellulose. Both blown-in insulation products are designed to be fire retardant, have similar mold, moisture and mildew resistant properties, and have similar insulating values. Each product will react and respond to the elements in its own way, based on its unique product features. At Yvon Insulation, our trusted team of certified insulation contractors can assist you in determining which type of blown-in insulation is best suited to your needs. So don’t hesitate! Contact Yvon Insulation today for a no-obligation estimate in and around Toronto!

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